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Prasetiya Mulya School of Business and Economics (PMSBE) has previously engaged in joint research initiatives with Ritsumeikan  Asia  Pacific  University,  Japan; Deakin  University  Australia; PT.  DuPont  Indonesia; and many more covering various project in education base.

Given the thriving business climate in Indonesia, PMSBE is seeking to strengthen its research capacity through partnerships for joint research with business schools and corporations such as those based in China and Australian institutions.

Partnership Program

Prasetiya Mulya has long standing relationships with local and international companies based in Indonesia to support the development of their human resources as well as business and management strategies. Training programs are designed to develop the specific skill sets that a company requires in its future strategy.

Prasetiya Mulya provides services to companies that need competence development in systematic, progressive and continuous approach. From years of experience, such program was proven effective in bridging the gap competence between companies’ expectation and employees’ abilities.

Through the institution’s experienced faculty members, trainers and established expertise in generating effective teaching techniques and materials; the training programs offered not only provides the tools for learning but also for progressive monitoring and evaluation. Prasetiya Mulya provides tailored consultancy that is specific to the needs of the company. The program is designed contextually to leverage the business.

Recently, Bank Syariah Mandiri (BSM) trusted Prasetiya Mulya to provide trainings for their Branch Managers from all over Indonesia. BSM has sent 9 batches (almost 300 persons) to this tailored training. In this training, the managers have to learn cross functional department in business, which are Marketing, Operation, Finance, and Strategy.

Beside BSM, numerous companies has been doing partnership with Prasetiya Mulya are: BCA, BFI Finance, Summarecon, Sinarmas, Bumitama, Astra International, Astra Autoparts, Astra Credit Companies, Kalbefarma, Combhipar, Telkomsel, Telkom Indonesia, Indosat, Angkasa Pura, Garuda Indonesia, Indonesia Ferry ASDP, Jiwasraya, Palyja, ISS, Aqua Danone, Anugrah Corporation, Pertamina, Tripatra, Triputra Grup, Kompas Gramedia, and Palang Merah Indonesia. 


As the partner for businessman, business leaders, and researchers, Prasetiya Mulya Business School cares about developing human resources (HR) competence through education and training programs, research and related research on business management for the betterment of the business world.

Educational degree programs for undergraduate and graduate program involve a lot of practices on case study, internship, project case improvement, business projects, research, or business plan. Students can learn from the business cases given either written on the textbook or given in class, and this, can be a valuable reference for further decision making.

Companies can contribute in terms of granting scholarships to prospective or currently active student, being guest speaker in CEO Lecture or Guest Lecture class on specific subjects, or by providing case studies, projects, or being judge in a competition, Business Plan’s panelist, or by collaborating in applied research.

Companies can also send their potential staff to study in a class full of talent from various backgrounds. Scholarship also has become an alternative way to help under privileged students who have potentials.

Through Career Development Division, companies able to have information on future graduates database, getting involved in corporate presentation, and recruit potential students. Companies can participate in events such as Talent fair or Career Day. Beside that, they are welcome to contribute in giving workshop, mock interview, CV writing, etc.

Companies can give special topics for students to develop in a business plan, or sponsor the business plan in a regional or world business plan championship.

For the past couple of years, several Business Plans that have been recognized in international level:

  • EcoFaebrick – World champion Global Social Venture Competition, UC  Berkeley
  • Amandes – Global Finalist & Special Award on Innovation, Global Social Venture Competition, UC  Berkeley
  • Bio Pwer Technology – Runner Up Global Social Venture Competition, UC  Berkeley
  • Magnivy – Best Social Impact Assessment Global Social Venture Competition, UC  Berkeley
  • Rubberized Choir – Finalist & Best Business Plan Presentation Award, The Mai Bangkok Business Challenge at Sassin, Thailand
  • Aquatech – South East Asia Finalist, Global Social Venture Competition, Thailand
  • Stemmy Medica – Semi-finalist, The Mai Bangkok Business Challenge at Sassin, Thailand
  • Bio Lubricant – Finalist &Environmental Concern Award The Mai Bangkok Business Challenge at Sassin, Thailand

Individual or corporate who wants to invest in Business Plan, feel free to ask and contact mcr@pmbs.ac.id to get the executive summary of the Business Plan.

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