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Faculty Profile

Prasetiya Mulya School of Business and Economics (PMSBE) faculty members are not just a group of professionals, but they are also experienced practitioners with good educational credentials from domestic as well as foreign institutions. They not only meet academic credentials according to subjects they teach but also master good, effective and attractive teaching techniques.

They work to establish a relaxed but serious atmosphere in class allowing students to be actively involved in an every learning session, and to keep the classroom environment from becoming boring. Their extensive experience in their fields of expertise helps enrich their teaching materials and case studies presented in class.

Research & Knowledge

To serve to the corporate sector and the government, Prasetiya Mulya School of Business and Economics (PMSBE) offers research service that customized to the institution’s need. Many researches in Finance, Marketing, Production/Operation, and Human Resources have been doing for the researches, such as :

Title Research Institution Researcher Year
Syariah Portfolio Volatilities Around the Globe -
  • Y. Arief Rijanto, Dr

  • 2013
    Solutions for Underinvestment and Monitoring Problems in Public Companies : Evidence from Indonesia -
  • Lukas Setia Atmadja, Ph.D

  • Yane Chandera, BSc., MBA

  • 2013

    Human Resources
    Title Research Institution Researcher Year
    Ambidextrous Organization for Innovation and Knowledge Creation -
  • Achmad Setyo Hadi, Dr.

  • 2013
    Understanding Business in Archipelagic Countries : The Case of Indonesia -
  • Lenny Sunaryo, Ph.D

  • 2013

    Title Research Institution Researcher Year
    Model Intensi Studi ke Perguruan Tinggi yang Komprehensif : Sebuah Analisis Kausal Berdasarkan Perspektif Pemasaran Perguruan Tingi -
  • Alexander Joseph Ibnu Wibowo

  • Eko Suhartanto, MT

  • 2013
    The Impact of Culture and Personal Factors on Group Travel Behavior Among Indonesian Middle-Class Consumers -
  • B. Realino Yudianto, M.I.B

  • 2013

    Title Research Institution Researcher Year
    Determining the Degree of Rightness of an Innovation Opportunity -
  • Ade Febransyah, Ph.D.

  • Fransisca Tharia Hartanto, MM

  • 2013
    Measuring Firms Innovativeness : An Indonesian Case -
  • Ade Febransyah, Ph.D.

  • Achmad Setyo Hadi, Dr.

  • Henry Pribadi, Ph.D

  • 2013

    Strategy & Bussiness Economics
    Title Research Institution Researcher Year
    ASEAN is more developed than China (?) -
  • Anika Widiana, M.Si

  • 2013
    Investment Reform and FDI Sectoral Level Analysis in Indonesia - 2013


    Books written by Prasetiya Mulya School of Business and Economics’s Faculty Members which can be inspiration for entrepreneurs, business start ups, business leaders, and researchers in business. 

    Entrepreneurship Development Center

    From time to time, academics have become the front guard and the motor of change in a nation. With the vision, mission, spirit, idealism, and dedication that relatively far from political interests, the academic community is expected to be neutral and able to encourage and bring positive effects on the environment.

    With academicals spirit, Prasetiya Mulya Undergraduate Program created a community dedicated for entrepreneurial development to improve the welfare of Indonesian people.

    The global recession that happened recently has given negative impact on Indonesian economics. Economics stagnation and economic competitiveness mainly caused by the instability of real sector. Therefore, Prasetiya Mulya Undergraduate Program feel that it is important to have a study center in.

    Prasetiya Mulya Undergraduate Program hopes that The Center will give impact on the growth of young entrepreneurs who have an entrepreneurial spirit, competitive, and make contribution to the problem of the real sector, especially Small Medium Enterprises (SME) which is the basis of the Indonesian economy. Hence, Prasetiya Mulya Undergraduate Program created Entrepreneurship Development Center (EDC) to make this hope come into realization.

    EDC is dedicated to accompany Undergraduate Program to accelerate entrepreneurial education to breed future business champions with three important dimensions: business knowledge and skill, strong entrepreneurial-character, and high social awareness. These three dimensions are expected to be achieved through dynamic and competitive learning.

    Prasetiya Mulya Undergraduate Program curriculum is designed to have entrepreneurial character. Through entrepreneurial anchor subjects in each semester, Prasetiya Mulya Undergraduate Program is trying to integrate then with other subjects so that students can implement the theories from other subjects with real practice business.

    Beside that, EDC maintain external relation with other institutions with a purpose to develop and to apply the entrepreneurial knowledge. EDC has vision and mission.


    To be the reliable partner in creating and developing entrepreneurship meant for students, academics, practitioner, and society.


    1. To Become the foremost and qualified center of entrepreneurship development dedicated for students, academics, practitioner, and society.
    2. To develop comprehensive and committed entrepreneurship-research in its dedication to knowledge.Current students and alumni
    3. To increase entrepreneurship contribution to the society.